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September 2017 Excerpt

Are you partnering with the pharmacists in your community?
Pharmacists can be an additional resource in efforts to reduce rehospitalizations.
For example, some pharmacies (see listing) offer medication synchronization, in which all of a patient’s refills are completed at the same time. This helps to improve drug adherence and overall pharmacotherapy, especially in patients with chronic conditions or polypharmacy.
In addition, bubble pack dispensing can improve drug adherence and prevent the over- or under-use of medications for patients with multiple prescriptions. Many pharmacies will provide pre-packaged medications to patients who request them. (Additional charges may apply in some cases; be sure to verify the cost in advance.)
Learn more about how pharmacists are helping prevent rehospitalizations and get tools to perform medication reconciliation with patients.
Don't forget about flu season!
While immunization campaigns are not a standard component of efforts to prevent rehospitalizations, flu and pneumonia do take a toll on the community.
How many organizations in your community use standing orders for immunizations or regularly provide refresher education regarding injection techniques? What is your community doing to promote flu shots for healthcare workers?