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October 2014 Excerpt

Call for nominations

We are currently recruiting for NHQCC faculty members.

Two new roles—Peer Advisors and Volunteer Advisors—will be added to the faculty team, helping us further the NHQCC's "all teach, all learn" model.


Composite Measure: What You Need to Know

The composite measure is based on the Minimum Data Set and is intended to reflect the overall quality of long-term care; the lower the score, the better.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) wants nursing homes that are participating in the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative to achieve a composite measure of six or below by 2019.

The composite measure is calculated by:

  1. Adding together the 13 long-stay measure numerators (all but the two immunization-related measures are available through CASPER)
  2. Dividing that total by the sum of the 13 measures' denominators, then
  3. Multiplying by 100

While CMS has no immediate plans to change the star ratings system, it considers the composite measure to be reflective of process improvement efforts made by nursing homes. For more detail, please review these FAQs.