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Our online resource center is designed to serve as a central location for helpful tools and resources about the
Quality Payment Program (QPP).

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Qualis Health Tools

Qualis Health Quality Payment Program Toolkit
This interactive toolkit dives into the details of the Quality Payment Program. From critical background information to a step by step process for success, it contains in-depth information about the QPP.

MIPS Minute Video Series
The MIPS Minute series is a video podcast designed to help clinicians prepare the Quality Payment Program. Each episode is brief and focused on an important aspect of the Quality Payment Program.

Qualis Health Tracking Tool
The Qualis Health Quality Payment Program MIPS Tracking tool is designed to offer clinicians an opportunity to develop a MIPS reporting plan and track results throughout the year.

QPP Resource Document
Learn more about Quality Payment Program technical assistance options in Idaho and Washington and gain helpful contact information. QPP assistance is available for small and large practices.

Qualis Health Online QPP Readiness Assessment
This assessment will help you begin the process of determining your readiness for the Quality Payment Program. It'll also help Qualis Health target and provide the right assistance that you need.


Qualis Health QPP Acronym List
We’ve compiled a list of frequently used quality payment program acronyms. This popular resource is helpful in so many different ways and can be referred to whenever you come across an acronym you don’t recognize.


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