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Selected Resources for EHR Incentive Program

In order to help other practices begin to use health IT to improve care, a selection of helpful resources are shown below. The CMS website is a valuable resource for accurate information and many of the links below drive practices directly to the CMS website.

Idaho Medicaid Resources

Idaho Medicaid Overview and Quick Links

Idaho EHR Incentive Eligible Professional (EP) User Manual

Idaho EHR Incentive Eligible Hospital User Manual

Idaho Public Reporting Registration Links and Information

IDAPA 16.03.25 - Idaho Medicaid EHR Incentive Program

Idaho EHR Incentive Program Registration Site

Washington Medicaid Resources

Medicaid HITECH Guidance Regarding PY2015 MU Attestation and 2016/2017 Payment Adjustments

Washington EHR Library

Washington State's Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Starter Resources

If your practice is just beginning to implement an EHR system, these tips may better meet your needs.