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Extra Support for PSPC Participants

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Idaho organizations, please contact:
Christine Packer, MEd
QI Consultant
Send an email

800-488-1118, ext. 5941

Washington organizations, please contact:
Kristen Dittmaier, RN BSN
QI Consultant
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800-949-7536, ext. 2453

Learn more about our team members.

The nationwide Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative (PSPC) helps healthcare organizations integrate evidence-based clinical pharmacy services into the care and management of high-risk, high-cost, complex patients.

The PSPC teaches participants how to implement innovative delivery systems which not only reduce medication risk and coordinate care, but also align with efforts to become a patient-centered medical home and accountable care organization. PSPC’s fast-paced structure enables participants to substantially improve health outcomes in less than 12 months.

Qualis Health's role

Through our Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) contract, Qualis Health is providing technical assistance to Idaho and Washington PSPC participants who are focusing on processes related to anticoagulant use. (Anticoagulants are implicated in many emergency hospitalizations, especially among the elderly population.)

We provide tools, expertise, and support to help participants learn from their local peers, implement interventions, track progress, maintain momentum, and promote achievements.

Qualis Health’s PSPC teams are making great strides. Process improvements include:

  • Began tracking ADEs and pADEs, first on paper and then via EHR
  • Analyzed patient records to identify the most common factors for an out-of-range INR
  • Tested new patient self-assessment and education interventions

Our assistance is available free of charge, and is in addition to the substantial resources offered through the national PSPC structure.