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Team Communication and Culture

Learning Sessions

Access recordings of the related NHQCC learning sessions hosted by Qualis Health.

General Resources

AHRQ Nursing Home Survey of Patient Safety Culture
Are you interested in measuring the safety culture in your home? Use this standardized, reliable, and free questionnaire developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). To see how your nursing home compares to others across the country, see the User Comparative Database Report.

TeamSTEPPS Resources

Download the Pocket Guide for a quick reference and memory-booster.

National Webinars

Access recordings of past webinars, and register for upcoming sessions, at the AHRQ website.

Train the Trainer


Communication Strategies to Promote Quality and Safety
A 30- to 90-minute session designed to improve team communication (TeamSTEPPS Module #6).

The comprehensive Instructor Guide includes slides and exercises for each module of TeamSTEPPS, tailored to the long-term care setting. Tools include:

Sizing Up the Culture Exercise
A 17-question exercise to assist you in assessing your facility's current culture and how amenable it is to change

Team Assessment
A total of 55 questions designed to help you prepare a customized plan to train your staff in teamwork skills

Teaching Scenarios
A total of 33 scenarios to illustrate important concepts in each module; most have accompanying tools

Multi-Team System Exercise
Guides participants to create a map of a mult-team system

Team Performance Observation Tool
A one-page worksheet to quantify a team's structure, support, and communication.

Video series