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Find additional QAPI-related tools and resources on CMS's official QAPI website.

Particularly useful are:

QAPI Process Tool Framework
A concise list of tools related to each of the five QAPI elements

QAPI at a Glance, a step-by-step guide to help nursing homes establish a foundation for QAPI

The QAPI Self-Assessment, which your team will find valuable to complete at the beginning of your QAPI journey and at regular intervals thereafter as you monitor your progress

NHQCC participants:
To submit your QAPI results to Qualis Health, please use our SurveyMonkey form.

Tools to break writer's block!
Start with the Guide for Developing Purpose, Guiding Principles and Scope for QAPI, which builds a framework for the Guide for Developing a QAPI Plan

A description of each of QAPI's five elements

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) plans are important tools in the service of improving the quality of life, care, and services in nursing homes. Under the Affordable Care Act, all nursing homes are required to implement a QAPI program.

Sample QAPI Plan
Use our sample plan, along with the CMS resources highlighted in the sidebar of this webpage, to refine your nursing home's QAPI Plan.

Donna's Diary
A fictional diary of a Director of Nursing Services that will engage you in a discussion of QAPI principles and problem-solving on common clinical processes in nursing homes.

Beyond the Quick Fix: The Medical Director's Role in Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI).
This article by Jane Pederson, MD is directed towards Medical Directors.


In 2013, Qualis Health developed a tool called "QAPI Land" as an engaging way to work through the 12 steps to achieve full implementation of your QAPI program. It proved to be such a successful and popular tool that we decided to share it with all interested audiences.

QAPI Land game

Download the QAPI Land tool and the accompanying instructions.

A recorded webinar, "Introduction to QAPI Land" is also available.


IHI Training Videos: Using Data in QAPI

Join the Movement: IHI Open School 1:55 minutes

Whiteboard: Family of Measures 7:52 minutes 

Whiteboard: Pareto Analysis 7:01 (Great advanced content)

Whiteboard: Run Chart Part I 7:29 minutes and Part II 6:22 minutes

Whiteboard: Control Charts Part I 5:31 minutes and Part II 8:26 minutes

Whiteboard: Static vs Dynamic Data 6:39 minutes

Whiteboard: Flowchart 2 8:53 minutes

Related Resources

HealthInsight's references related to sustaining changes can help support your facility's QAPI efforts.

As you prepare to move toward a more pro-active, data-driven approach to quality improvement there are many aspects of the culture of the workplace to consider. Be sure to check out other sections of our website for tools related to: