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Process and Systems Improvement

National Change Package

The Change Package (version 2.1, April 2017) for the national version of the NHQCC contains ideas and guidance that will help all of our local NHQCC participants accomplish more during the Collaborative.

The comprehensive document is organized around seven key strategies, with a number of practical change ideas defined for each:

  1. Lead with a sense of purpose
  2. Recruit and retain quality staff
  3. Connect with residents in a celebration of their lives
  4. Nourish teamwork and communication
  5. Be a continuous learning organization
  6. Provide exceptional compassionate clinical care that treats the whole person
  7. Construct solid business practices that support your purpose

Accessible via the navigation menu to the left, this section contains resources selected for NHQCC participants. (Other quality improvement tools are also included in the QI Basics section of our website.)