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Urinary Tract Infection


See other selected tools related to infection risk-assessment, tracking, and prevention.

Using Antibiotics Wisely

Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Urinary Tract Infections: When to Treat with Antibiotics
Rochester Nursing Home Collaborative

General Resources

Listen to a webinar recorded by Qualis Health in January 2013:

Part 1 Preventing UTI: Infection vs Colonization

Part 2 Preventing UTI: Quality Improvement

Read the results of a 2012 study on Best Prevention of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) in Nursing Homes;
Best Practices Observed from a 2012 Study of High Performing Facilities.

Review a host of tools provided by AMDA and take an online course from the Borun Center.

Surveillance Definitions of Infections in Long-Term Care Facilities: Revisiting the McGeer Criteria
Position paper published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.

Peer Sharing

The following are program ideas for increasing hydration before treating for UTI. They include:

Quality Improvement Plan for Reducing UTIs

UTI Acute Temp Care Plan

UTI Intake Sheet

The use of these tools was discussed during a May 2013 conference call.

These tools were shared by Karen Maher, UTI volunteer mentor for APIC Inland Northwest. They were developed by Pat Pritchard, Colorado State Veterans Nursing Home. These tools have not been vetted or are endorsed by Qualis Health, APIC or Colorado Veterans Nursing Home.