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Incontinence Management


Incontinence Management Training Module
Center for Quality Aging, Vanderbilt University

Regulatory Guidance

The Bladder and Bowel Incontinence Critical Element Pathway (Form 20125, updated 11/17) is used by CMS' surveyors to monitor skilled nursing facilities' regulatory compliance. You can perform your own internal review with the same checklist .

(Note: The entire set of 40+ checklists is bundled together as a ZIP file on the Medicare website. Any updates to the forms will be published there first.)

Other Resources

Choice and Preference Toileting Assistance (CAPTA)
Scripps Gerontology Center

Prompted Voiding Trial: Instructions and Documentation
Modified by Qualis Health to support the CAPTA tools

Tips gleaned from our January 2016 Collaborative meetings
Discussions among participants generated a wealth of ideas and best practices related to incontinence. Try some of these peer-tested techniques at your facility!