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Selected Clinical Resources

Preventable Rehospitalizations

Among Idaho's Medicare population, nearly 14% of hospital discharges to nursing homes result in a rehospitalization within 30 days. In Washington, the rate is nearly 17%.

See our Communities for Safer Transitions of Care project for details.

This section contains resources directly related to the long-term care setting and the following clinical topics:

Overall Resources

All-Cause Harm Reduction Change Package
Developed from a series of site visits to nursing homes across the country, this change package demonstrates how the best nursing homes approached prevention of harm while honoring each resident’s rights and preferences and how they carried out their work. The authors recommend starting at Appendix A, but you can also download any other section (or the entirety) of the change package.

Another general resource for an array of topics is AMDA's newsletter, Caring for the Ages.