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June 2017 Excerpt

It's not too late to register for the in-person learning events!
Join us this month, at the peer-to-peer meetings focused on team communication.
Do the work and earn Quality Gems!
Quality Gems icon
Your participation in the Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative earns your facility points toward Quality Gems. As each gem milestone is reached, your team will be recognized on our website and receive a certificate showing your progress.
Gems received during the 2015-2016 Collaborative carry over to the current period. Whether you participated in the previous Collaborative or not, you can use this program to mark your progress.
Introducing Jeff West
photo of Jeff West
Please join us in welcoming Jeff West, MPH RN to the faculty for the Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative.
Jeff is taking the lead for teams in Washington. Read more about him.
Use your Performance Report to uncover Quality Measure trends
Overall, nursing homes in Washington have shown steady improvement in lowering the rate of antipsychotic medication use, but reports for this Quality Measure in Idaho reveal an upward trend in 2016—perhaps bouncing back to earlier usage patterns.
Are you continuing to improve dementia care and reduce inappropriate use of antipsychotic medications? See your progress in Figure 20 on page 10 of your Qualis Health Nursing Home Performance Report. If you are sustaining your gains in this QM, check your composite driver pareto diagram in Figure 11 and the statewide breakdown in Figure 12 on page 7 to see what else is impacting your Quality Measure Composite Score. These two figures show your 13 QMs in order, with the first QMs on the left having the most significant contribution to the overall score.
Your Administrator received a letter in the mail at the beginning of May with instructions on how to access the report online through a secure site. If you have not received the letter, or are having any difficulty accessing the report, please contact Suzie Potter for assistance.