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July 2016 Excerpt

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Have you heard the findings from these studies?

Costs likely to outweigh benefits for Docusate

Multiple studies have shown that Docusate has little benefit in preventing constipation in long-term care and palliative care settings, yet is commonly prescribed. While Docusate itself is inexpensive, the direct and indirect costs of this medication can have a significant impact on your budget. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimated some of the associated costs in an acute-care setting; many are similar in long-term care.

Common interventions have little impact on falls

The results of a randomized, controlled trial at six Australian hospitals that implemented a falls prevention toolkit showed that fall rates did not significantly improve. The researchers determined this was because the interventions themselves—many of which are also often used in long-term care settings—were inadequate. The interventions included a nine-item fall risk tool, “falls alert” sign, supervision of patients in the bathroom, ensuring patients’ walking aids are within reach, establishment of a toileting regimen, use of a low-low bed, and use of a bed/chair alarm.

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