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February 2016 Excerpt

Thanks for helping make Learning Session 4 a success!

Thanks to all who took the time to attend our latest in-person session. We even did some tai chi at the Tacoma meeting! (Panorama City Convalescent & Rehabilitation Center has had success using tai chi as part of its fall prevention work.)

Ideas for incontinence management

After comparing learnings from all the regional meetings, we compiled tips to help improve your rates of low-risk incontinence, which will help improve your composite score and QM ranking.

Recognition for great work

Several homes were awarded additional Quality Gems during the last action period. In fact, six hard-working teams have reached the Amethyst level:

  • Caribou Memorial Living Center
  • Emerald Care
  • Good Samaritan Society Idaho Falls Village
  • Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
  • Life Care Center of Coeur d'Alene
  • Twin Falls Center

In addition, a total of 29 homes (14 in ID and 15 in WA) have now attained a composite quality measure of 6.00 or better. Our goal? At least 50% of NHQCC participants reaching this milestone at any point during the Collaborative.

How will your team ensure that you earn a Gem during the new action period? How will you work toward improving your composite quality measure goal?

CDC releases health advisory

After receiving reports of severe influenza illness, the CDC urges rapid antiviral treatment of very ill and high-risk suspected influenza patients without waiting for testing.

Test your C.diff knowledge

Clostridium difficile is responsible for antibiotic-associated diarrhea and colitis, which can be life-threatening. How much do you know about this condition? Take this five-question quiz. (Registration with Medscape may be required, but it is free.)