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Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative

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Look familiar?

Our coaches can help you break the cycle.

And we’ll do it in a manner that will allow you to satisfy a CMS requirement at the same time.

Let us help you apply the PIP structure (QAPI’s Element 4, Performance Improvement Project) to one of the most intractable problems in long-term care.

For a six-month period, a very small group of facilities will be given access to one of our knowledgeable, committed coaches—who will encourage, guide, and hold your team accountable to the PIP process.

What have you got to lose between now and July…besides another handful of staff members?

To participate, your facility must be willing to appoint a project leader and provide him/her with time to dedicate to this work. Duties will include data analysis, interviews, intervention testing, and data entry. A multidisciplinary set of staff members should serve as ad hoc advisors.

To learn how your facility can take advantage of this time-limited opportunity, contact Brent, Jeff, or Paula today!


Qualis Health provides technical assistance to Idaho and Washington nursing homes.

Use our monitoring form to track the effects of tapering residents off antipsychotics, or refer to any of the resources we have gathered related to best practices in dementia care.

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Conduct a prompted voiding trial using our instructions and record form. Take the time to better understand those residents suffering from incontinence.

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Efficiently set up and maintain your facility's antimicrobial stewardship program by reviewing each of these seven core elements.

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Communities for Safer Transitions of Care Update
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