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Step 3: Collect Data

Step 3 for Hospital Reporting Image

Most hospitals use a vendor to collect and submit their chart-abstracted measures.

Hospitals not working with a vendor may use the free CMS Abstraction & Reporting Tool (CART) to collect, analyze, and submit quality data to the CMS clinical warehouse via QualityNet.

Measure Specifications

Regardless of the method used to collect the data, it is crucial to ensure that your medical record documentation practices support the collection of all required data elements.

Consider concurrent review of the performance metrics for patients who will be included in the measure denominators.

If you can identify that a patient is not receiving an evidence-based service in real time, you can improve that patient’s care.

The goal is for all private and public purchasers, oversight and accrediting entities, payers and providers of hospital care to use a consistent set of measures in their national public reporting activities.

The National Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Chart-Abstracted Measures are collected and reported utilizing standardized measure sets; these measures are updated for each data collection time period (i.e., based on hospital discharge dates) with an associated Version number and Effective Discharges date. The specifications manuals are available on QualityNet:

To comply with IQR requirements, hospitals must also collect and submit healthcare-associated infection (HAI) and patient survey data.