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Tools for Improving Your Patients' Flu Vaccination Rates


Racial/ethnic disparities in flu vaccinations are present nationwide.

To uncover any gaps, we recommend periodically evaluating the vaccination rates of your patients according to race.

The CDC recommends getting vaccinated against flu by October of each year—but you can start planning for flu season at any time of year!

Recorded webinar: Standing orders
Standing orders are an effective, efficient way to increase adult immunizations against potentially serious conditions—including seasonal flu, pneumonia, and herpes zoster.

New! Ask the Experts at the Immunization Action Coalition
Comprehensive list of questions (and answers!) related to administering influenza vaccines

Recorded webinar: Steps to Protect Your Patients from the Flu
Learn effective steps for protecting patients from the flu. We will cover immunization rates in Idaho and Washington, key messages for your patients, and pharmacists’ role in immunizations.

To verify whether someone has received a previous vaccination, consult the Idaho or Washington immunization information system.

Medicare coverage, billing, and other immunization-related guidance from CMS.

Patient Education Materials

Choose from the CDC's patient-directed promotional materials.

Need some inspiration for a catchy campaign?

Refresh your team's injection skills:

Don't overlook vaccinating all staff who come in contact with vulnerable patients!

For skilled nursing facilities: