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Results for Washington’s Medicare Population

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An overview of our results is provided in the table and charts below. Key findings include:

  • In our analysis of just four medical conditions, we identified thousands of Washington's Medicare beneficiaries who are receiving low-value medical services.
  • Across Washington, some healthcare providers seeing Medicare Fee-for-Service patients with these diagnoses never treat them using the tests or medications in question, while others order them the majority of the time. Such broad variability presents an opportunity for improvement.
  • In three of the four measures, racial disparities are apparent. Our analysis does not attempt to answer the questions of how or why these differences exist, but the topic may be worthy of further study. Individual providers might stratify their own records by patient race to determine whether there are any trends needing attention.
results overview

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Rates vary widely among healthcare providers

funnel plots

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Results for other populations

Qualis Health analyzed Medicare claims data only.

For results of similar analyses about Medicaid and commercial payors, please see the findings published by the Washington Choosing Wisely task force.

Data Tables

We cannot release individual provider's data. We can, however, share the aggregated, beneficiary-focused analyses, which we have formatted as printer-friendly data tables:

Review the methodology used to select the data set and calculate the results.