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Caring Beyond Healthcare

Where does wellness happen?

Your hospital is working hard to provide top-notch medical care. But some of your patients are discharged into a world where they don’t have adequate housing, reliable transportation, or access to healthy food.

How soon will you see them again, and will they be worse for the wear?

With the transition to accountable care, these patients’ problems become yours, too.

A small number of Idaho and Washington hospitals are participating in our Caring Beyond Healthcare pilot project, which develops and implements processes to identify patients with poor social determinants of health and connect them to the community’s existing services.

We provide tested screening tools, guidance on selecting a specific unit or patient population for pilot implementation, and technical assistance to incorporate the screening into workflows. In addition, we facilitate local connections to community service providers that can address the needs identified.

This pilot project will operate through September 2018. Contact us to learn more!

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