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News About Community Partners

Qualis Health works with patients, healthcare providers, and community agencies throughout Idaho and Washington to promote safer transitions of care.

Often, a specific organization will develop an idea that others may want to implement. We present a sampling of those stories here:

Paramedics are partnering with other healthcare and social services to provide a range of expanded services, from coaching recently discharge patients to referring "frequent flyers" to care managers. Learn more.

Mason General Hospital & Family of Clinics relies on data analysis and multiple interventions to lower readmission rates.
Watch the video, published October 2015

Meeting the challenge of care coordination, preventing readmissions at University of Washington Medical Center
While care coordination can be challenging for any organization, the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC), located in Seattle, confronts two particularly difficult issues.
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, published June 2013

A rural healthcare organization takes a patient-centered approach to care transitions
One of the nation’s most pressing healthcare challenges is improving the safety of care transitions and reducing the rate of avoidable hospital readmissions. Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics (CVHC) approached this issue from several angles and instituted a host of innovations—earning an Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality from Qualis Health along the way.
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, published May 2012.

Bundled discharge interventions help reduce 30-day readmission rates
At a time when one out of five hospitalized Medicare patients is readmitted within 30 days, a set of new discharge processes piloted at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, WA may help break the readmission cycle. 
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, published January 2011.

"Teach Back" communication technique is quickly embraced by hospital staff and patients
As part of the Stepping Stones Project in Whatcom County, WA, Qualis Health taught the Teach Back communications technique to more than 70 PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center staff members. One nurse said about the method: "The questions are life-changing. Thanks for this program. Now I get it."
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, published April 2010.