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Performance Reports

Data to Improve Care

As part of our continuing initiative to support communities in efforts to improve care coordination and reduce hospital readmissions, Qualis Health prepares periodic reports—based on Medicare claims data—to assess readmissions and healthcare utilization of the defined community's Medicare beneficiaries. 

As needed, our staff are available to discuss with community coalition members how the reported measures were calculated, what the results may mean in terms of opportunities or barriers to the coalition's interventions, and other analytical assistance. 

Current Reports

The current edition includes data through the fourth quarter of 2018.

Qualis Health divided the states into communities based on healthcare utilization patterns and Medicare beneficiaries’ home ZIP codes.


Summaries & Excerpts

In addition to the detailed Community Performance Reports (updated quarterly), the following overviews (which are updated on an ad hoc basis) are also available:

Overall rehospitalizations by community, comparing 2014 to current

Impact of diabetes on healthcare utilization

Rehospitalizations of patients originally admitted with sepsis

Rehospitalizations of patients discharged to nursing homes

Rehospitalizations, by race, in Washington State