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Monthly Briefing


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January 2018
Award applications due February 2

February 2018
Analysis of WA’s end-of-life cancer care

March 2018
What have you learned from this flu season?

April 2018
How is your Coalition addressing opioids?

May 2018
Get the latest edition of your Community Performance Report

October 2018
Readmit data, calls & news


January 2017
Screening for ADEs

February 2017
Two new reports available now

March 2017
Data to motivate & interventions to implement: It's time to tackle sepsis

April 2017
In-home visits from pharmacist helped reduce readmission rates

May 2017
Opioid use puts older adults at risk, too

June 2017
How does your community coalition incorporate the needs and wisdom of family caregivers?

July 2017
Help protect the health of your community by addressing antimicrobial resistance

August 2017
Get your new Community Performance Report

September 2017
Are you partnering with the pharmacists in your community?

October 2017
Sepsis, antimicrobial stewardship & immunizations: Is there alignment among your programs?

November 2017
Impact of CMS value-based purchasing, community reports, welcome Dr. Vassall



January 2016
Alternate payment models take center stage in improving care transitions

February 2016
Med Wreck, or Med Rec?

March 2016
How many people in your community have advance care directives?

April 2016
During patient transfers:
How often do these key points get communicated??

May 2016
Do you have the right people in the room?

June 2016
Data analysis spurs Coalition into action

July 2016
Specific "assignment" mobilizes workgroup

August 2016
Get tools to integrate behavioral health concerns into care transitions

September 2016
Follow this community's lead in using a structured process to create change

October 2016
What is your community doing about sepsis?

November 2016
Rural community developed a united front regarding medication safety

December 2016
Get your new Community Performance Report; Qualis Health is working with the HIINs


January 2015
A focus on ADEs can help reduce rehospitalizations

February 2015
Help for assessing your current situation and planning future efforts

March 2015
Are paramedics part of your community's care transition coalition?

April 2015
Use these interventions to prevent adverse drug events

May 2015
How do we know which of our patients are at risk for rehospitalization?

June 2015
Care plan options for patients at risk for rehospitalization

July 2015
Engage patients in medication safety

August 2015
Has your community considered the impact of race on readmission risk?

September 2015
Who is most at risk of rehospitalization in your community?

October 2015
Is your community tackling the "Big 6"?

November 2015
Are dementia patients in your community at risk from off-label antipsychotic medication use?

December 2015
Scheduling follow-up visits prior to discharge significantly reduces readmissions


October 2014
We’re ready to take the next step in improving care transitions—and we’ll help you get there, too

December 2014
The latest Community Performance Reports are now available