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Welcome to our antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) resources page.  Here we provide content to help practices involved in our AMS in Outpatient Settings Initiative (and others) improve their programs’ efforts to meet CDC’s Core Elements of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship.  Each resource is laid out by which Core Element it helps accomplish.

Keep an eye on this page as we add more resources as the initiative matures (through mid-2019).



Printable Public Displays of Leadership Commitment to AMS

  • Qualis Health, and our states’ partners in quality healthcare and public health, have adapted published and CDC materials to provide these state-specific posters for your practice waiting rooms.

Note – these files are sized for printing at the dimensions above, but can be printed “scale to fit” to fit a normal 8 ½” x 11" page.

  • Individual/Provider-Specific Commitment to AMS -  Having individual providers publicly display their dedication to appropriate antibiotic prescribing has shown effective behavior change. These posters, intended for exam-rooms, can serve as a reminder to patients and providers about when antibiotics may not be appropriate. These posters were designed with the support of the Washington State Department of Health.



Evidence-Based Diagnostic Criteria and Treatment Recommendations




Data Tracking Audits and Worksheets

  • The Quality Innovation Network National Coordinating Center (QIN-NCC) developed an audit worksheet for tracking antibiotic prescribing for acute bronchitis and viral upper respiratory infections (URI). These worksheet can help your providers quantify opportunities to improve antibiotic prescribing for this condition. Not only that, improvement in bronchitis treatment and upper respiratory infection treatment will have a positive impact  to your related MIPS and HEDIS measures. Both of these tracking tools can help you answer "How many antibiotics are NOT being prescribed" to evaluate cost savings and risk reduction.


State-Specific Overviews of Antibiotic Use in Outpatient Settings

  • (COMING SOON) Practices working with us in this initiative will be receiving quarterly quality improvement reports on their own antibiotic use information from Medicare data.  Aggregate state data will be provided here in the future.




Provider Education - Presentation

  • The NCC provided a “filled-to-capacity” provider-facing education webinar on August 30th, 2017, focusing on helping physicians communicate to patients to manage antibiotic expectations.
    • Slide Set and Recording: Antibiotic Stewardship National LAN Event – Understanding Physician-to-Patient Communication Strategies
      • Dr. Lauri Hicks, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (begins at 8:26)
      • Dr. Rita Mangione-Smith, University of Washington Department of Pediatrics (begins at 20:07)
      • Follow-up questions and answers after the live event.

Provider Education - Printable Resources

Patient Education - Printable Resources