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It's flu season!

It's especially important for healthcare workers to protect themselves—as well as their families and vulnerable patients—from the flu. Get strategies to improve staff vaccination rates.

Our Medicare contracts direct us to manage projects that make a difference in the quality of healthcare provided in Idaho and Washington. We strive to incorporate the patient and family voice in all our work.

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Nursing Homes

Under our Medicare QIN-QIO contract, Qualis Health serves Idaho and Washington's nursing homes by:

1. Leading focused, time-limited initiatives for groups of participating nursing home teams

Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative (NHQCC)

Home to Stay Collaborative

Community-based coalitions to reduce rehospitalizations, prevent adverse drug events, and ensure safer transitions of care

2. Providing general assistance to all nursing homes in both states


3. Sharing regional news and updates from Medicare

Regional Nursing Home Update
for all nursing homes and stakeholders located in Idaho & Washington

Communities for Safer Transitions of Care Update
for Idaho & Washington healthcare providers, across all settings of care, working to reduce avoidable rehospitalizations and/or adverse drug events

Collaborative Update
for NHQCC participants