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Patient and Family Advisors

Tell us about yourself

To volunteer, please send us the completed Interest Form and we will contact you shortly.

Medicare beneficiaries and their families residing in Idaho or Washington are invited to volunteer!

The time commitment could be as little as a one-time event, or as much as volunteering once every three months.

When you or your family member received care at a doctor’s office, hospital, or nursing home, did you think there were things that could have been done better? Share your perspective—and help us improve how healthcare is delivered.

Our advisors provide a voice to advocate for healthcare that centers on the needs and preferences of patients and their families.

Get involved

Depending on your interests and availability, you could:

  • Share your story. Advisors help by talking about their experiences with the healthcare system—what went well and what did not.
  • Participate in discussion groups. Advisors share what “quality” means from a patient perspective, and make suggestions for how improvements can be made.
  • Review or help create educational or informational materials.
  • Work on short-term projects. Advisors participate in learning networks to help doctors, nurses, and administrators understand patient expectations and needs.

Download the printer-friendly description of our Patient and Family Advisor program and share it with others who might be interested!

Need more information? 

Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Susan Potter.