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Tips to Strengthen Your Award Application

Award applications must be submitted by February 2, 2018

Learn more about the award, the application, and previous winners.

Since 2002, Qualis Health has presented the Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality to Idaho and Washington healthcare organizations that demonstrate outstanding leadership and innovation in improving healthcare practices.

All nursing homes, regardless of size, are encouraged to apply!

Some tips to strengthen your application:

  • Focus on improving the quality of life and care for residents:
    Show how your home engaged residents/family members in the project.
  • Do your research:
    The changes your home implemented must be founded on evidence-based practices. It may help to cite current literature and studies from reputable sources.

Get prepared for next year

Want to ensure that your home creates a really successful QI project, one that will be a strong contender for next year's award?

Get a refresher on using Aim Statements and PDSAs and review some of the evidence-based practices outlined in our Resource lists.

  • A clear, concise Aim statement sets the tone:
    An Aim statement answers the question, “How good do we want to be and by when?” For example, “Reduce injurious falls for short-stay residents on the evening shift by 15% by June 10, 2017 (six months)” is more concise than “Reduce falls by 15%.”
  • Demonstrate your aptitude for using data:
    Identify how your team used data to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement, and how you used data to determine successes/adaptations/failures in Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles. It is expected that you will provide data showing results over time in a visual form, such as run charts, line graphs, etc.
  • Improvement must be sustained:
    Once the facility has achieved its goal, it must demonstrate that the improvement was sustained over time (at least six months). Declaring victory too soon is one of the most common reasons for why change initiatives fail.
  • The Three-Part Aim matters:
    Be prepared to show how your project impacted residents at both the individual and target population levels. The project should promote person-centered care (improved resident experience) and improve the consistency of the quality of life and care for all residents. Describe how your project has improved efficiency and/or reduced cost by reducing activities that do not add value.