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Regional Nursing Home Update


All nursing homes and stakeholders located in Idaho and Washington are invited to subscribe to the Regional Nursing Home Update. You may opt-out at anytime.

National news

The National Nursing Home Quality Improvement campaign publishes a monthly newsletter to update all facilities about CMS announcements and QI-related work

This e-newsletter is targeted to Idaho and Washington's nursing homes and stakeholders.

Excerpts of each edition, which are published on an ad hoc basis, are archived here.



July 2018
When was the last time you looked at our website?

September 2018
Get pocket cards for dementia care; download your performance report



January 2017
Recorded webinar to learn more about your Performance Reports; Coaching for better performance

February 2017
Prepare for upcoming regulatory changes and value-based purchasing initiatives

March 2017
Engaging residents in community service; join our NHQCC 2

May 2017
Resistant yeast; two important reports released today

September 2017
Core elements of antimicrobial stewardship; download your Performance Report

December 2017
Use these tools to lower rates and increase incentives via value-based purchasing



January 2016
Coaching for better performance.  Have you reviewed your Performance Report? Watch our recorded webinar to learn more about using these important data.

May 2016
Passwords are changing for Qualis Health's performance reports; Awards; Disparities

September 2016
Tips to improve vaccination rates and techniques

October 2016
Outcomes Congress recording; CMS Final Rule; pneumococcal vaccinations; Legionella

November 2016
Recruiting for 2017-2018 Collaborative; Performance Reports; Advancing Excellence

December 2016
Apply for Qualis Health’s Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality; join the 2017-2018 Collaborative



January 2015
If your New Year's Resolution is to improve quality in your nursing home, we can help!

February 2015
Coming soon to your email inbox: Qualis Health's data trend reports

March 2015
Timely updates, a video challenge, and the latest news about the IMPACT Act of 2014

August 2015
Have you reviewed your Performance Report?  Find helpful tools and other resources on our website.

October 2015
Flu season is here!  Have you reviewed your Performance Report? Watch our recorded webinar to learn more about using these important data.



October 2014
Composite Measure: What You Need to Know

November 2014
Take Note of Two Recent CMS Announcements

December 2014
Congrats, Top Performers