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    Thriving Patients: How the Patient Centered Medical Home Model Improves Patient Engagement

    Hosted by Qualis Health's Practice Innovation Network.

    September 13, 2016


    It's no secret that patient engagement in healthcare can contribute to improved health outcomes. Engaged patients are often more likely to obtain preventative care, exercise regularly and strive to live healthier lives. How do we go about activating patient engagement? In this interactive Qualis Health webinar, Keith Davis, MD, FAAP will share how becoming a Level 3 NCQA patient centered medical home improved patient engagement at the Shoshone Family Medical Center. We'll also identify multiple advantages of becoming a PCMH and share how care teams can support patient self-management and patient engagement. 

    Presentation Objectives

    • Provide a high level overview of the patient centered medical home model and advantages it provides
    • Recognize the role of the patient on the care team and how patients influence the culture of patient centered medical home
    • Identify how care teams can support patient self-management and patient engagement

    Keith Davis, MD, FAAFP
    CEO and Medical Director
    Shoshone Family Medical Center

    Speaker Bio
    Keith Davis, MD, FAAFP, is the owner, CEO and medical director of Shoshone Family Medical Center, an independent RHC and the only medical facility in Lincoln County, Idaho. He also serves as the Lincoln County Coroner and medical director for EMS in Lincoln county. He is an active member of the AMA, IRHA, NRHA and WONCA.