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    Reducing Health Disparities: How Two Clinicians Address the Social Determinants of Health with Their Patients

    Hosted by Qualis Health's Practice Innovation Network.

    April 26, 2016
    11:30 am - 12:30 pm


    Despite ongoing efforts to improve healthcare for all, social and economic barriers still stand in the way of good health for many people. Join us for a lively webinar focused on reducing health disparities and creating health equity. We'll address simple ways to identify and overcome barriers to good health. The webinar will consist of three parts:

    • A health equity framework
    • Case studies framed with a social determinants of health lens
    • Question and answer session 

    Presentation Objectives

    • Learn the top six questions to ask patients and how to pose them effectively to assess overall risk
    • Cases will illustrate how to identify and overcome the social and economic barriers that affect your patients 
    • Importance of using data to capture and study your patient population


    Linn Gould, MS, MPH
    Executive Director of Just Health Action
    Clinical Instructor at the University of Washington

    Julian Perez, MD
    Clinical Director, Sea Mar Primary Care and Sports Medicine

    Navee Sidhu 
    Third Year Medical Student, University of Washington