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    First Half: The Culture of Culturing – Best Practices in Testing
    for C. difficile Infection

    Hosted by Qualis Health's Healthcare-Associated Infection team.



    Preventing laboratory-identified C. difficile events is a high priority for our Learning and Action Network Hospitals. In the first half of this interactive webinar, we will discuss current options for diagnostic testing for C. difficile, the pros and cons of available options, and best practices for collecting and handling stool specimens for testing.

    Presentation Objectives:

    • Review current guidelines on C. difficile diagnosis
    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of available testing methods
    • Highlight best practices for specimen collection and handling to optimize testing and results

    Darcy Whitlock, MS


    Second Half: Preventing Surgical Site Infections – Engaging Patients in Prevention Activities Prior to Surgery





    In the second half of this interactive webinar, we will discuss ways our Learning and Action Network hospitals are engaging and involving patients, themselves, in SSI prevention prior to elective surgeries. We will share interventions from the literature, and open the lines to hear from you about patient-centered projects you are supporting before the day of surgery.

    Presentation Objectives:

    • Review patient-centered, pre-surgical interventions to prevent SSIs
    • Discuss current projects underway in participating hospitals for engaging patients in prevention efforts

    Martha Jaworski, MS, RN, CIC
    Qualis Health, Idaho

    Jamie Moran, MSN, RN, CIC
    Qualis Health, Washington

    Intended Audience
    Infection Preventionists, Hospital Quality Managers, Nurse Managers, Surgeons, Physicians, and Laboratory Personnel