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    It's Not Too Late! Options for 2015 PQRS Reporting

    Hosted by Qualis Health's Practice Innovation Network team.



    Don’t miss out on possible PQRS incentive payments for 2015! PQRS reporting requirements change each year. This webinar will cover recent changes in the PQRS program, as well as options for individual and group data submission. Also covered will be the various financial incentives and penalties, with a peak at the coming changes in value-based payments for Medicare Part B fee-for-service.

    By the end of the webinar, participants will better understand 2015 PQRS reporting requirements, the financial risks and rewards of PQRS participation, submission options for individual and group PQRS reporting and the future direction of value-based Medicare payments .

    Mary Franzen, MPH
    Quality Improvement Consultant, Qualis Health