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    HAI-LAN Webinar Series: Preventing C. difficile Infections - Engaging Patients in Prevention


    April 13, 2016



    Preventing laboratory-identified events is a high priority for our Learning and Action Network hospitals. In In this interactive webinar, we will explore ways our network hospitals are engaging and involving patients, themselves, in C. difficile prevention across the continuum of care. WE will share patient engagement interventions from the literature, and open the lines to hear from you about patient-centered projects you are working on.

    Presentation Objectives:

    • DReview interventions that engage patients in C. difficile prevention efforts in various healthcare settings
    • SDiscuss best practices for educating patients about C. difficile infection and strategies for prevention

    Martha Jaworski, BSN, CIC, MS
    Quality Improvement Consultant
    Qualis Health

    Jamie Moran, MSN, RN, CIC
    Quality Improvement Consultant
    Qualis Health

    Contact Information: Paula Parsons at paulap@qualishealth.org