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The Culture of Culturing: The Role of Specimen Collection and Culturing in CLABSIs and CAUTIs

Hosted by Qualis Health's Healthcare-Associate Infection team.


Blood and urine cultures are an important diagnostic test to help clinicians target treatment options for patients. However, inappropriately collected specimens, and over-utilized specimens can inadvertently lead to false-positive determinations for CAUTI and CLABSI, and – more importantly – lead to over-use of antibiotics in patients. In this interactive Qualis Health Learning and Action Network webinar, Martha Jaworski, MS, RN, CIC will discuss best practices for optimizing the ordering, collection, and testing of urine and blood specimens.

Presentation Objectives

  • Present the impact and prevalence of potentially -contaminated cultures on CAUTI and CLABSI incidence and antibiotic utilization
  • Review current best practices for the how, when and why of culturing urine and blood, including indications, ordering, specimen site selection, timing, and specimen handling
  • Provide a forum for sharing hospitals’ experiences related to the impact of cultures on device-associated infections, and the challenges and approaches to changing hospitals’ “culture of culturing,” to improve healthcare-associated infections.

Intended Audience
Hospital Infection Preventionists, Hospital Quality Managers, Nurse Manager, Physician Leaders

Martha Jaworski, MS, RN, CIC
Quality Improvement Consultant
Qualis Health