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    Cardiac Care—Why This Should Be a Home Health Focus

    Hosted by Qualis Health's Cardiac Care team.



    Gain an understanding of the importance of improving home health care for cardiac patients based on Washington and Idaho cardiovascular readmission patterns. During the session, we’ll also explore the national perspective on cardiovascular issues and learn from the expert – the national group leading the home health efforts. During the webinar, we will:

    • Review the HHQI Cardiovascular Data Registry as a tool to determine both positive elements of your existing cardiac treatment programs and areas where you have potential needs.
    • Understand how the HHQI Best Practice Intervention Packages (BPIPs) can provide all the educational resources and tools for your agency’s staff, based on your identified opportunities.
    • Discussion during the session will take place with Home Health Agencies regarding the Data Registry and BPIP resources.

    By the end of the webinar you should understand:

    • Why your agency should focus on cardiac care
    • What your options are for identifying areas to improve
    • What difference this could make for you and your patients
    • How this work can improve your business and marketability within your healthcare community