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Speaking C-$uite Language:
HAI Prevention

Hosted by Qualis Health's Provider Payment and Reporting team and Healthcare-Associated Infection team.



With healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) making up an increasingly larger portion of reimbursement and penalty programs, gaining the support of C-Suite leaders is crucial to improving your hospital’s infection rates and bottom line. In this webinar, Martha Jaworski, Jamie Moran and Sharon Eloranta from Qualis Health will give you practical information about SIRs, HACs and VBP; the impact these programs have on your hospital; and tips and strategies for making the financial case for HAI reduction.

Presentation Objectives

  • Discuss the definition, risk adjustments and CMS-use of the standardized infection ratio (SIR)
  • Describe the current and anticipated components of the hospital incentive and penalty programs
  • Discuss the significance of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in hospital reimbursement programs
  • Provide practical information for IPs to make the case for HAI reduction as a strategic business priority

Intended Audience
IPPS Hospital Infection Preventionists and IPPS Hospital Quality Managers

Quality Improvement Consultant
Qualis Health

Sharon Eloranta, MD
Medical Director
Quality and Safety Initiatives
Qualis Health

Martha Jaworski, MS RN CIC
Quality Improvement Consultant
Qualis Health